The name Naked & Famous is a satire of our celeb-obsessed culture. We aim to poke fun at “Hollywood” and “glamour” brands that sell jeans for $300 and up solely because a celebrity endorses them and not because they are higher quality. Our logo is reminiscent of 1950’s pop-art. Early pop-artists depicted the “ideal blond” as a satire of mass media and mass culture and then fed it right back to them. We intend to do the same.

We are denim nerds! That’s why we use only the best and most rare denim in the world. All of our denim is top quality Japanese denim and we will never use anything else! We use raw Selvedge denim, which is some of the most expensive and highly sought-after denim in existence. Selvedge denim is almost exclusively from Japan and is made on old school shuttle looms rarely used today. These early looms create a unique type of denim that has amazing characteristics not possible on modern day machines. Selvedge denim is the only true vintage denim fabric and is loved by denim connoisseurs everywhere.

We think they look damn cool that way. Raw jeans give the end wearer the power to decide its fate. Most denim aficionados don’t wash their jeans for several months so that they break in and fade naturally. The result is a beautiful and personalized jean. Price point. Every time a manufacturer adds another washing or distressing process to your jeans, you end up paying for it big time. Crinkling, sanding, hand abrasion, whiskering, stone washing and other pro- cesses are expensive and add considerably to the final price of your jeans. By eliminating these costly (and in our opinion, unnecessary) processes, we are able to bring you the best and most rare denim in the world at a reasonable price.